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3KHz High Frequency Spark Test Machine Abet5015E OEM / ODM Available

3KHz High Frequency Spark Test Machine Abet5015E OEM / ODM Available

3KHz High Frequency Spark Test Machine Abet5015E OEM / ODM Available

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Place of Origin: China
نام تجاری: Kingpo
گواهی: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: Abet5015E


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
قیمت: To be quoted
جزئیات بسته بندی: جعبه ایمنی کارتن یا جعبه تخته سه لا
زمان تحویل: 25 روز کاری
Payment Terms: T/T
قابلیت ارائه: 3 مجموعه در هر ماه
اکنون تماس بگیرید
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Frequency: 3KHz Beaded -contact: 50/120mm
Detection speed: 1200-2400m/min Test voltage: from 0 to 15K VR.M.S

Abet5015E High Frequency spark tester

Description :


abet5015E High Frequency spark tester is a efficient and reliable product inspection tool, a precision instrument to detect various types of wire and cable the conductor insulation layer of pinhole, broken skin, bare copper and so on poor insulation points. It can quickly detect the layer defect without damaging the inner electrical conductor. Use high frequency (3KHz) high volt elctrode replace traditional (50/60Hz) high volt electrode, its electrode tip can select a 50/120mm beaded -contact , copper brush , carbon brush, or a roller , greatly smaller installation dimensions , greatly improved detection speed ( 1200-2400m/min ). This high frequency spark tester is a reliability high quality control tool.




1. this tester return detecting 0.1s after conductor fault detected.

2. electrode tip size is 50 times smaller than traditional electrode tip(50Hz).

3. test voltage adjustable from 0 to 15K VR.M.S.

4. the instant sparks will not destroy the good insulation of wire comductor.

5. limited fault current, will not damage the test equipment.

6. rapid detect pinhole and nonintact wire conductor fault.

7. Closing lines or host failure or start -linked signal control .

8. with safety switch interlock protection device.


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KingPo Technology Development Limited

تماس با شخص: Lynette

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