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IPX9K Environmental Testing Machine , Environmental Test Systems

IPX9K Environmental Testing Machine , Environmental Test Systems

IPX9K Environmental Testing Machine , Environmental Test Systems

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: China
نام تجاری: KingPo
گواهی: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: KP-IPX9K-500 / KP-IPX9K-1000


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
قیمت: To be quoted
جزئیات بسته بندی: جعبه ایمنی کارتن یا جعبه تخته سه لا
زمان تحویل: 35 روز کاری
Payment Terms: T/T
قابلیت ارائه: 3 مجموعه در هر ماه
اکنون تماس بگیرید
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Spray water temperature: 80℃±5 Spray water pressure: 80~100 bar
Spray distance: 10~15cm Spray flow: 14~16L/min
Spray angle and time: 0°、30°、60°、90°,30 seconds’ spray at each angle Test time: 0-99h 59min


IPX9K High Temperature-Voltage Ejection Tester



Function Description


The chamber is applicable to check whether the device and components are ensured good performance when electrical product and its outer case are sealed in a raining environment,which is of scientific design and vividly simulate various environment like torrential rain and fierce water spray.Comprehensive stepping control system and stepping technique make 360°rotation of rainfall sample rack and rotary table to simulate a fiercely raining environment from all aspects.


Technical Parameter


type KP-IPX9K-500 KP-IPX9K-1000
Interior dimension 800 x 800 x 800Mm 1000 x 1000 x 1000Mm
Exterior dimension 1300 x 1000 x 1700Mm 1500 x 1200 x 1900Mm
Spray water temperature 80℃±5 80℃±5
Spray water pressure 80~100bar 80~100bar
Spray distance 10~15cm 10~15cm
Spray flow 14~16L/min 14~16L/min
Spray angle and time 0°,30°,60°,90°,30 seconds’ spray at each angle
connecting pipe High voltage stainless steel hydraulic tube
electromagnetic valve Italian electromagnetic valve with high temp. and high voltage
Water pump Italian plunger pump with high temp. and high voltage
Heating pipe 6Kw German heating wire
Test time 0-99h 59min
controller Schneider touch screen and Schneider PLC
Spray system 4 spray nozzle;equip with a spray nozzle at 30℃
Power supply 380V 3 Phase 7KW



اطلاعات تماس
KingPo Technology Development Limited

تماس با شخص: Lynette

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