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IEC Standard Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber For UL KP-3020-B

IEC Standard Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber For UL KP-3020-B

IEC Standard Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber For UL KP-3020-B

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Place of Origin: china
نام تجاری: KingPo
گواهی: iso9001
Model Number: KP-3020-B


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
قیمت: To be quoted
جزئیات بسته بندی: جعبه ایمنی کارتن یا جعبه تخته سه لا
زمان تحویل: 35 روز کاری
Payment Terms: TT
قابلیت ارائه: 3 مجموعه در هر ماه
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Type: Climatic simulating test chamber Weight: 80kg
Internal space: W65*H92*D53cmc Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃
Temperature stability: ±1.0℃ Temperature uniformity: ±2℃


Thermal Shock Test Chamber For UL And IEC Standard 


1. Quick Details


Alternative name Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Function Test battery safety capability after suffering impact of hot air
Type Climatic simulating test chamber
Weight 80kg
Internal space W65*H92*D53cm
Corresponding test standard UL2054-2008, UL1642, SJ/T11170, IEC62133, SJ/T11169, GB/T18287, QC/T743, QC/T744


2. Description


The battery thermal shock test chamber is used to test safety capability after suffering hot air shock.

The temperature will be raised at certain speed at certain time, apply hot air cyclic system to ensure average distribution of working temperature.


3. Features


a. The low air pressure tester is used for testing safety capability of lithium battery.

b. The tester is simulating battery suffering environment of hot air shock.

c. Test result is non explosion, no fire, non air leaking, non electrolyte leakage for the qualified battery.


4. Specifications


Model KP-3020-B
Temperature range Normal temperature to 200℃
Temperature accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature stability ±1.0℃
Temperature uniformity ±2℃
Temperature raising time (5±2)℃/min (temperature average raising)
Temperature- controlled meter Programmable, time control for temperature raising time
Internal dimension W*H*D mm W40*H40*D45cm
External dimension W*H*D mm W65*H92*D53cm


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KingPo Technology Development Limited

تماس با شخص: Lynette

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